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– Technology Incubation Centre and agricultural technology enterprise (called Center Technology Incubator) is a division of Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and Services Institute of Agriculture Vietnam, have statutes operate independently as a business, trading name in English was Incubation Center for Agricultural Technology (CATI).

– The Incubator Technology Centre is the only facility of a public university specializing in technology incubators and technology enterprises in the agricultural sector, which functions provide consulting services, support organizations individuals in scientific research and technological development; finishing, application, technology commercialization; build business models, mobilize investment and other activities to promote the formation and development of scientific enterprise and technology.

– Technology Incubation Center is considered the focal support Vietnam Academy of Agricultural strengthen intellectual product transfer and technology aimed at increasing revenues from scientific and technological environment while creating a continuous interaction with the market. Thereby not only conduct basic research helps scientists innovative long-term agriculture but also contribute to increasing the contribution of vocational training linked to the needs of society.

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